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How to convert a GIF into a video
How to convert a GIF into a video
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1- Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login.

2- Go to the video section and open a new or existing project. If you prefer, you can also use one of our pre-designed video templates and customize it as you like by clicking on Browse Templates.

3- Once on your artboard, click the Media icon on the left-side toolbar.

4- Choose a GIF to add to your project.

Or, If you want to import your animation from an external source to Simplified, (meaning upload your GIF from your computer or mobile device files), then you need to drag and drop your file to add it to "My Assets" section, and then click on the animation again to add it to the artboard.

5- Click on the Timeline View to see your GIF converted into a video and trim it.

6- Edit your video or animation with Simplified's tools.

7- When you're done, export your video or animation as an MP4.

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