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How to train your AI ChatBot with documents
How to train your AI ChatBot with documents
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1- Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google/Facebook login.

2- Go to the main dashboard and click on AI Chatbot.

3- Select your bot: If you've already created one, click on it to start managing. If you're creating a new bot, click on the 'Add New Bot' button, then give your project a name, and click on '+ Create'.

4- Begin the training process: Now that your bot is set up, it's time to train it. This is done by clicking on the 'Training' button in the top menu and then adding documents that contain relevant information for your customers. These documents will help your bot understand and respond accurately to user queries.

5- Include URLs and FAQs: Along with documents, include your brand's URL, crawl URLs, and FAQs in CSV format. This will provide your bot with a broader knowledge base to draw from when interacting with users. Just drop or browse all the relevant information in the dotted box.

6- Upload Source: Click on "+ Upload source" each time you add something new.

*Crown features are paid.

7- Once you've added all the necessary documents, URLs, and FAQs, you can preview, delete, and even download them by hovering over the source and clicking on the three dots on the right. You can also activate or deactivate visibility and retrain your bot by clicking on the circular arrow.

8- Test your bot: Now that your bot is trained, you can see it on the left side of your screen. This is where you can test it and ensure it functions as expected.

Remember, training your chatbot is an ongoing process. As you receive more user queries and feedback, you can continue to refine and train your bot for better performance.

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