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How To Publish AI Clips On Social Media
How To Publish AI Clips On Social Media
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Publishing AI clips to social media with a Simplified AI Video App is a simple and straightforward process. Follow the steps below to share your generated AI clips with your friends and followers:

1. Connect your social media account:

Before you can publish your AI clip, make sure your social media account is logged in and connected with the Simplified App. This will allow the app to access your social media profiles and post on your behalf.

2. Select the AI clip you want to publish:

Once you have generated your AI clips using the Simplified AI Video App, choose the one you want to share on social media.

3. Click on the edit button:

After selecting the edit button you can see the post publishing option on your social media account.

4. Choose the social media account:

Now, select the particular social media account where you want to publish your post. If you want to publish the clip on multiple social media accounts simultaneously, you can click on the top left side button and select all the social media accounts together.

5. Schedule or publish now:

Click on the schedule arrow to choose whether you want to schedule your post or publish it immediately. If you want to schedule your post, select a date and time for it to be published. If you prefer to publish it right away, select the "publish now" option.

6. Start scheduling your post:

If you have chosen to schedule your post, you can now set the date and time for it to be published. This feature is particularly useful if you want to plan your social media content in advance.

7. Click on schedule and Acknowledge:

Once you have set the date and time for your scheduled post, click on the schedule button to confirm. Then click on acknowledge button to complete the process. Now, Your AI clip will now be scheduled for publishing on the selected social media account(s).

For more resources and tutorials on using the Simplified AI Video App, you can visit our Simplified Academy or refer to our Help Center. These resources will provide you with additional guidance like How to create custom clips and support to make the most out of the app and enhance your social media presence.

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