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How to integrate WhatsApp with AI Chatbot?
How to integrate WhatsApp with AI Chatbot?
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Integrating your Simplified AI chatbot with your WhatsApp can revolutionize your interactions, providing immediate and automated responses to your customers' inquiries on WhatsApp. This integration not only enhances customer service efficiency but also ensures that every message is addressed promptly, improving engagement and satisfaction.

Here's how to integrate WhatsAPP with AI Chatbot:

If you haven't created a Chatbot yet, follow these steps to get started.

1. Start by opening 2 (two) tabs: one for Simplified, and one for your Meta Developers account.

If you haven't set up your Meta for Developers account, follow the steps on this article to get started. Once you do that, setup "WhatsApp" as a product.

Then, come back and follow the steps described here to set your AI Chatbot + WhatsApp integration.

2. Go to your Simplified account, and go to your AI Chatbot app.

3. Open your AI Chatbot and switch to "Integrations" tab, and then click on "Connect Now".

4. Click on "WhatsApp" from the pop up.

5. Copy the Callback URL to your clipboard

6. Open your Meta app in new tab, open "Quickstart" and Click on "Start using API"

7. Now setup your WhatsApp number and add one more test number to test the trigger and click "Send Message".

8. After successful test message, you will be switched to "Configuration" tab. Now click on "Edit"

9. Paste the Callback URL which you copied from Simplified.

10. Repeat the same for "Verify Token". Copy it from Simplified and paste it on the "Verify Token" field. Click "Verify and save"

11. Now Click on "Manage", next to Webhook Fields and subscribe to the "message" field from the popup.

12. Now check if your integration is Active in Simplified tab. Congrats! Your integration is active.

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