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How to add text to projects for languages with special characters
How to add text to projects for languages with special characters

Add text in arabic, chinese, japanese, greek, korean, etc

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You can add text in any language to your projects. However, not all fonts support all alphabets. To find the fonts that support your desired language, follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Simplified account with your email or Google login.

2. From the Dashboard, go to the AI Design app.

Click on AI Designer…

3. Open an existing project or start a new project.

Click on Generate with AI…

4. With your artboard open, click Text on the left-side menu to add text, or select a pre-existing text on your project by clicking on the text

Click on Text

5. Select the text you want to change the font by clicking on it.

6. Once you select the text, a top bar will appear. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the font's name.

Click on Poppins

7. A side menu will open. Click on Manage Fonts at the bottom.

Click on Manage Fonts

8. A menu will pop up. Click on the Filter icon.

Click on filters

9. With the filter selection open, click on the dropdown arrow on the Languages menu, and find the language in which you want to add your text in.

Not all fonts are available in all alphabets, that is why you must select the desired language to find the fonts with the available alphabets for your chosen language

Click on All

10. Once you select the language, you will see the list with available fonts for that language.

Click on Google fonts

11. Click on all the fonts you want to have added to your Fonts library, then click Finish at the bottom

Click on Finish

12. Now, back to your project, select the text once more, click on the drodpdown menu next to the font name at the top editing bar

Click on Poppins

13. Once the left side menu opens, find the selected fonts for on the My Fonts sections

Click on Library

If you want to add custom fonts, you can add custom fonts here!

Need help writing content? Click the Ask AI button (the gradient purple and pink button on the top right section of the screen) for free AI copywriting that can be added directly into your designs.

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