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How To Add Music To A Video?
How To Add Music To A Video?
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Adding music to your videos can significantly enhance their interactivity and boost social engagement. Background music sets the tone, evokes emotions, and keeps your audience captivated. By incorporating music, your videos become more dynamic and appealing, leading to increased viewer retention and sharing. Whether you’re creating content for social media, marketing, or personal projects, adding music can make a substantial difference. With a simplified AI video tool, you can easily add any desired music to your videos with just a few clicks. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do it:

Steps to Add Music to Your Video Using Simplified AI Video Tool:

Log in to the Simplified App Dashboard:

  • Start by logging into your Simplified account. Enter your credentials on the login page and access the dashboard where you can manage all your projects.

Click on AI Video:

  • Once you’re on the dashboard, navigate to the AI Video section. This is where you can create, edit, and manage your video projects.

Click on New Video:

  • Select the option to create a new video project. This will open a new workspace where you can start building your video from scratch or from a template.

Create Your Video:

  • Follow the prompts to create your video. You can upload your own footage, use templates, or create animations. Once your video is created, you can move on to adding music.

Add Music to Your Video:

Option 1: Upload Your Own Music

  • Click on My Assets. This will open a window where you can upload files from your device.

  • Select and upload your desired music file. This is ideal if you have specific tracks you want to use.

Option 2: Choose Music from the Library

  • Click on Audio. This will take you to the audio library where you can search for music.

  • Use the search bar to find specific tracks or browse through the available music series to find the perfect background music for your video.

  • Select the music you want and double-click on it to add it to your video timeline.

Edit Music Settings:

  • After adding the music, click on Music Highlights to start editing your music settings. This feature allows you to fine-tune how the music integrates with your video.

  • Click on the three dots (...) next to the music track to open more options.

  • Click on Adjust to access further settings where you can tweak the music to fit your video perfectly.

  • Click on Volume to adjust the music volume to ensure it balances well with the video’s audio.

  • Click on Music Fade In & Fade Out to create smooth transitions at the beginning and end of the music track. This prevents abrupt starts and stops, making your video more professional.

  • Click on Loop if you want the music to repeat throughout the video. This is useful for longer videos where a single track might not be enough.

  • Set your Music Trim Timings to fit the length of your video. You can cut the music to start and stop at specific points, ensuring it matches the video content.

Final Touches:

  • Review your video with the added music. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the music enhances the video rather than overpowering it.

  • Once you’re satisfied with the final product, your video is ready to be published or shared.

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