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How To Use AI To Make YouTube Videos?
How To Use AI To Make YouTube Videos?
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In the dynamic world of content creation, YouTube stands as a powerhouse platform, attracting billions of viewers daily. Yet, as the demand for engaging video content grows, so too does the challenge for creators to produce quality videos consistently. But AI technology reshaped the landscape of content creation, offering innovative solutions to streamline the process and captivate audiences.

Simplified provides creators with a powerful tool of AI Text to Video to craft captivating YouTube videos with ease and efficiency.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using AI for YouTube Videos:

Login to Simplified App Dashboard

Click on AI Video

  • Within the dashboard, users navigate to the AI Video section, the hub of advanced video creation tools.

Generate with AI

  • With a simple click, users initiate the AI-powered video generation process, setting the stage for effortless content creation.

AI Text to Video

  • Utilizing the innovative AI Text to Video feature, creators can seamlessly transform written content into captivating visual storytelling.

Select Video Creation Option

Creators are presented with three distinct pathways to craft their videos, catering to various preferences and workflows:

  • Just Give a Topic: Simply provide a topic, allowing AI to weave a compelling narrative around it.

  • Provide a Script: Craft or generate a script, providing a structured framework for the video's content.

  • Learning Link: Paste a relevant link, enabling AI to extract pertinent information for video creation.

Provide Input

Just Give a Topic:

  • Describe Your Topic: Creators succinctly describe the overarching theme or subject matter of the video in approximately 20 words. This brief description serves as a guiding beacon for AI to generate relevant content and visuals.

  • Identify Target Audience: Creators specify the intended audience demographic, such as age group, interests, or preferences around 0/500 words.

Provide a Script:

  • Write or Generate a Script: The script provides a structured framework for the video's narrative, ensuring coherence and clarity in storytelling.

  • Specify Video Content: Outline specific content requirements, such as scenes, location, age, or references, within the script.

Through Learning Link:

  • Paste Relevant Link: Paste a link to an external article, blog post, or educational resource related to the video's theme. This link serves as a rich source of information for AI to analyze and synthesize content, enriching the video with valuable insights and data

Click on Next

  • With the click of a button, you will get the next editing options to give personal touch to your video.

Customize Video

This stage allows creators to infuse their unique style and branding elements into the video, ensuring it aligns with their vision and objective

Size Selection: Creators have the flexibility to choose the desired dimensions for their video, optimizing it for various platforms click for YouTube Videos.

AI Speaker Selection: Creators can select the AI speaker's voice to deliver the video's narration or dialogue. This choice allows creators to tailor the tone, style, and personality of the AI speaker to suit the video's content and audience preferences.

  • Voice Clone: This option adds a personal touch to the narration, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

  • AI Speaker Tone: Creators have the flexibility to adjust the tone and delivery style of the AI speaker, ranging from formal and authoritative to casual and conversational.

Add Media: Creators can enhance the video's visual appeal by incorporating additional media content, such as images, videos, or graphics. This feature enables creators to enrich the storytelling experience, provide context, or reinforce key messages with compelling visuals.

  • Let AI Pick: Creators can allow AI to automatically select relevant media assets based on the video's content and context.

  • Manual Selection: Alternatively, creators can manually choose specific media assets to complement the video's narrative or enhance its visual appeal.

Generate Video

With the click of a button, creators initiate the video generation process, leveraging AI's capabilities to transform input into polished video content.

Finalize and Edit

This phase allows creators to meticulously review and refine various aspects of the video, ensuring it meets their standards of quality, coherence, and engagement

  • Edit Transcript: Creators can review and edit the video's transcript, making necessary revisions or corrections to the narration or dialogue.

  • Volume Adjustment: This feature enables creators to achieve the desired balance between audio elements, ensuring an immersive and harmonious viewing experience for the audience.

  • Speed Control: Creators can control the playback speed of the video, allowing for adjustments to pacing and timing. Whether accelerating or decelerating the video's tempo, this feature empowers creators to maintain audience engagement and convey information effectively.

  • Visual Effects: Creators can apply various visual effects and filters to enhance the video's aesthetic appeal and storytelling impact. The effects add depth, texture, and visual interest to the video, captivating the audience's attention and enriching their viewing experience.

  • Appearance Customization: Creators can customize the appearance of elements within the video, such as text overlays, graphics, and visual elements. This feature allows creators to align the video's visual style with their branding guidelines and communication objectives, ensuring consistency and professionalism in presentation.

  • Animation Effects: Creators can add dynamic animation effects to elements within the video, enhancing engagement and visual interest.

Export and Download

Now click on export button and choose the video format to download the video.

For comprehensive tutorials, tips, and resources on maximizing AI for video creation, creators can explore Simplified Academy or seek assistance from the Help Center.

To stay abreast of the latest innovations and techniques in AI-driven content creation, creators are encouraged to subscribe to Simplified YouTube channel and unlock a world of possibilities.

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