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How to refresh a social channel access in Simplified
How to refresh a social channel access in Simplified

how to reconnect your social accounts

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Connections between Simplified and your social channel require access tokens. From time to time the access token for your social channels will expire.

This is normal behavior and happens as a result of the social network making changes to keep your account secure and safe. Tokens can also expire as a result of a number of reasons, including password changes and explicit lifespans of an access token.

In most cases, social channels only need a simple refresh to be reconnected (to do this, go to your Simplified dashboard and refresh the channel, especially after changing your username or password).

To learn best practices to keep your channels connected, click here. Most commonly, channels only require a simple refresh. However, sometimes a simple refresh isn't enough, and instead your channel will need to be completely reauthorized. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

Refreshing your channel

1 - Go to 'Publishing', then click the '...' at the end of the list of accounts, then click 'Open Full List'.

Click on Options

Click on Open Full List

2 - Click the '...' button next to the account you want to refresh, then click 'Account Settings'.

Click on dropdown trigger
Click on Account settings

3 - Click the 'Refresh Account Data' button next to the social channel.

Click on Refresh Account Data

4 - If the account isn't expired, nothing will happen and you're good to go.

5 - If the channel was expired, then you'll be prompted to enter your login details and after that, you're good to keep publishing.

  • note: For Facebook groups, you must be logged into the Facebook profile that originally connected the group and your personal Facebook profile must be an admin on the group.

  • note: For Facebook Pages, you must be logged into the personal Facebook profile that has the admin role on the Page.

  • note: For Instagram, you must be logged into the Instagram business account that you wish to refresh within Simplified.

6 - If you have any failed posts in your publishing queue, retry publishing them. Click the failed post, then 'Repeat Post'. Schedule the failed post, add to queue or Publish now.

If you refreshed your social channel's connection and it isn't working, you might need to reauthorize it. Follow the steps in this article to reauthorize each social channels on the Calendar

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