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How to bulk upload and schedule posts into the Social Media Calendar
How to bulk upload and schedule posts into the Social Media Calendar

Bulk upload posts into the Content Calendar from a CSV.

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Simplified allows you to bulk import and schedule posts or create drafts into the Social Media Publishing from a CSV.

Upload CSV files with text, photos and videos.

! Note: you can import up to 300 posts at a time, and your CSV file must have a max size of 5MB.

For bulk uploading TikTok posts, go to this article.

Here's how:

1 - On your Simplified account, go to Social Media

Click on Social Media…

2 - You can bulk upload your posts two ways:

a) Click Bulk Schedule Posts on your Social Media Dashboard

Click on Bulk Schedule Posts…


b) Click Schedule Post, then click the drop-down arrow next to New Post at the top right corner, then Bulk Schedule Posts

Click on Schedule Post…
Click on dropdown trigger
Click on Bulk Schedule Posts

3 - Click on the Select Target Accounts drop-down arrow and select the one you are interested in (You can select multiple accounts, but only with the same type).

Select TikTok Profile

4 - Make sure your CSV file follows the format described in the pop-up window (or download the template file by clicking Download File). If your CSV file is already filled correctly, skip to the next step.

Click on Get examples

5 - Click the dropdown arrow on the Import as section, and select if you want your posts to be scheduled, added to queue or uploaded as drafts. Then, drag and drop your CSV file onto the Upload your CSV File box, or browse from your local directory, then click Next.

Click on Next

6 - Click Prepare media for import to import your CSV file with all posts, or edit some (or all) posts before importing by clicking the ... to the right of each post, then Edit, and editing the post content, time and information, then clinking Prepare media for import.

Click on Options
Click on Edit
Click on Prepare media for import

! Note: If your posts don't have media files, you can edit them, and click Import (see step 7)

7 - Your posts will be imported and schedule in the chosen date and time (the date and time that was on the CSV file, or the new one you edited when importing). Click Close, and it's done!

Click on dialog
Click on 3:45 PM…

Here's a video tutorial:

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