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How AI Art credits work

How credit to creating AI images are counted, when do they refill, and how to get more credits

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How do the AI Art credits work?

1 credit can be used for one image creation request. That means that, when you generate an image through a text prompt, you use 1 credit; when you request a variation, you use another credit.

1 image generation through a text prompt or a variation of a generated image = 1 credit.

note: if you entered a text prompt and the AI didn't return generations, your credits won't be deducted.

If you are a part of a workspace with multiple people, the credits can be used by any tea member. That means that any person who's a part of that workspace and generate an image using AI Art will deduct from the credits.

How many free credits do I get?

You will get 10 credits as you monthly AI Art quota.

Your unused credits do not roll over to the next month, and they will renew every month, on the same day all your quotas refill.

If you used all your quota and need extra credits, you can upgrade your plan or buy additional credits by reaching out to us via chat or email

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