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How to add members to a team
How to add members to a team

Adding team members and selecting their roles

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You have created you team(s)! Now it's time to add members and manage their roles.

Read these articles if you have questions about teams or how to create them.

Here's how:

1. From your Dashboard, click the dropdown arrow next to the team's name.

2. Click the 3 (three) stacked dots to the right of the team's name.

3. Click Team Settings.

4. In the pop-window, select Members, then search the workspace members you want to invite to join your team.

!note: You can only add workspace member to your teams.

5. Skip tho the next step if you want to keep their role the same as it is on the workspace.

To change a member role, click the dropdown arrow next to the default role, and select a different role for that workspace member to have within that specific team.

6. Click the button next to the role menu to add a team member.

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