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How to select accounts on the social inbox
How to select accounts on the social inbox
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Make sure you are in the social media section and click on the "Inbox" button in the main menu on the left. Select the connected accounts. You can also click the icon to unselect an account.

! note: The Social Inbox is available for Facebook, LinkedIn Business and Instagram

  • If you see an 🚫 above the social network it means that you will not be able to view or reply to any comments because the social inbox is only available for the following account types: Facebook Page, Instagram Business and LinkedIn Business.

  • To see the mentions, comments, or messages of one or more accounts, you must select them (you will notice that the icon of that social network will be highlighted with a yellow ring).

  • If you look at the menu, you will see the number of accounts you are interacting with. In the following example you will see a "2/9" which means that you are using 2 social networks out of the 9 that are connected.

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