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Troubleshooting your products nor showing on Tag Products on Instagram
Troubleshooting your products nor showing on Tag Products on Instagram
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If you want to tag products on Instagram but your catalog or products aren't showing, follow these steps.


What requirements do you need to meet in order to tag products on Simplified Social Media Calendar?

  • A business account on Instagram.

  • A store on Instagram.

  • Accept the new permissions of Simplified and Instagram: the catalog and the product tags.

Instagram Requirement: If you do not have permissions set up, go ahead and follow the instructions here. Once you have permissions set up properly and your Instagram shop has been approved, you can start to tag products!

Products not showing. Troubleshooting

  • If your catalog contains variants, such as different colors of the same item, you can search by SKU to find a specific product. Only one variant is returned per product if you search by name.

  • Only approved products will appear in your catalog. Check your product’s status in your Commerce Manager account. Pending products may be under review by Facebook. Learn more about product approvals.

  • If you see “It looks like this catalog is empty,” check your Commerce Manager to make sure your catalog and products are all approved by Facebook, and are linked to the correct Instagram account.

  • You can only tag products from shops linked to your own account. Tagging shopping partner catalogs is not supported.

  • Check if you have full access to tag products. Some accounts may have restricted access to some accounts and that will prevent you from tagging products

    • To check this, go to Business Settings > Data Sources > Catalogs > Select the correct catalog in your account that was approved > Instagram Business profiles tab and enable that catalog

    • Then, wait or the changes to apply to your account and then go to Instagram > Business Shopping and select that catalog to be able to tag products from that catalog in your stories, reels and posts

    • Go to Settings > Shopping Partner Permissions and make sure that Allow Product Tagging is enabled

    • If you’re trying to tag a new product, keep in mind that Instagram needs to review it first. This process usually takes a couple of hours

  • If you can't find a product, check if there aren't issues with your shopping partner’s permissions or with your product catalog. Some of the causes may be:

    • If you don’t have permission to tag products: To check this, go to Settings > Shopping Partner Permissions and make sure that the option Allow product tagging is enabled for you and all your shopping partners

    • Make sure that the product you’re looking for isn’t under review or has been rejected. Every time you add a new item to your catalog, Instagram has to approve it before you can tag it. This usually takes a few hours but it may take longer in some cases

    • This may seem obvious but make sure that you have shared the product that you or your partner can’t find

  • If you have a valid shop but there are no catalogs available, you may need to reauthorize your profile to give Simplified permission to view your products. You can do that by refreshing your account data.

  • If you face the “No Products Sources Found” issue, double-check that your Business account has the right catalog and it’s integrated with the correct Instagram account. Additionally, you should make sure that the right users have full access to your catalog.

    • to check, go to your page’s Business Manager settings, go to Data Sources on the left tab and click Catalogs.

    • You will see the list of all your available catalogs. If you click them, you will see the people and business partners connected to that catalog. You can also check which sources the catalog is connected to (i.e. your Shopify stores), user roles, and access

    • Make sure that your accounts have full access to your catalog:

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