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How To Use AI Clips
How To Use AI Clips
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To use AI Clips in the Simplified AI video App, follow these steps:

1. Go to the AI Video app:

Log into your Simplified account go to your dashboard then click on AI Video App. You can find it in the list of available apps.

2. Click on AI Video:

Once you are in the AI Video app, click on the "AI Video" option. This will open the AI Video interface.

3. Click on "Generate with AI":

On the AI Video interface, you will see a button labeled "Generate with AI". Click on this button to proceed.

4. Click on "AI Clips":

In the next screen, you will see different options for generating video content. Click on "AI Clips" to use the AI-powered clip generation feature.

5. Upload video or paste link:

You have two options to input your video content. You can either upload a video file from your device or paste a link from platforms like YouTube or Google Drive. Choose the option that suits you and follow the prompts to upload or paste the link.

6. Click on "Language spoken in video":

Specify the language spoken in your video. This will help the AI algorithm better understand and generate accurate clips.

7. Click on "Advanced options" for additional settings:

If you want to customize the clip generation process, you can click on "Advanced options". This will allow you to adjust settings such as clip duration, number of clips, and more.

8. Click on "Generate Clips":

Once you have set your preferences, click on the "Generate Clips" button. The AI algorithm will analyze your video and generate relevant clips based on the provided parameters.

9. Magic in start: Sit back and let the magic begin!

The AI algorithm will process your video and generate clips that you can use in your projects. You can preview and download the generated clips.

That's it! You have successfully used AI Clips in the Simplified AI video App. Enjoy exploring the generated clips and incorporating them into your video projects.

For more resources and tutorials on using the Simplified AI video App and its features, you can visit our Simplified Academy or our Help Center. These resources will provide you with additional guidance and support to enhance your video editing skills.

We hope this guide has been helpful in explaining how to use AI Clips in the Simplified AI video App. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance. Happy video editing!

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