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How To Create Videos From Scripts?
How To Create Videos From Scripts?
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Creating videos from scripts has become incredibly easy with the advent of AI technology. Now, with just a few simple steps, you can turn your written content into a fully animated video. AI tools streamline this process by automatically generating videos from your scripts, saving you time and effort. Simplified AI Text to Video Tool offers "script to video" option, enabling you to produce professional-quality videos complete with innovative creatives and animations in just a few seconds. Follow the detailed steps below to learn how to create videos from your scripts using this powerful tool.

How to Create Videos from Scripts

Follow these detailed steps to create professional script to video from using the Simplified AI Text to Video Tool:

Login to the Simplified App Dashboard:

Start by logging in to the Simplified app dashboard with your credentials. This login will grant you access to all the features and tools available on the Simplified platform, including the AI video creation tools.

Click on AI Video:

Once you're on the dashboard, look for the "AI Video" section and click on it. This section contains all the advanced tools you need for creating videos using AI.

Click on Generate with AI:

In the AI Video section, you'll find an option labeled "Generate with AI." Click on this to open up the menu of AI video creation options available to you.

Click on AI Text to Video:

From the available options, select "AI Text to Video." This specific feature is designed to convert written scripts into dynamic videos using AI technology.

Get Three Options to Create Video:

Upon selecting AI Text to Video, you will be presented with three methods to create your video:

  • Just Give a Topic: Simply provide a topic, allowing AI to weave a compelling narrative around it.

  • Provide a Script: Craft or generate a script, providing a structured framework for the video’s content.

  • Learning Link: Paste a relevant link, enabling AI to extract pertinent information for video creation.

Select Script to Video:

For creating a video from a pre-written script, choose the "Provide a Script" option.

Click on 'What Is The Video About':

Enter a brief description (around 20 words) that summarizes the content or purpose of your video. This helps the AI understand the context of your script.

Click on 'Write A New Script':

Write or paste your script into the designated space. The script should be within 500 words to ensure optimal performance and quality.

Click on AI Assistant:

To refine and enhance your script, click on the "AI Assistant" button. This tool provides three helpful options:

  • Improve: Enhance the quality and coherence of your script.

  • Shorten It: Condense the script while retaining its essential points and messages.

  • Make It Longer: Expand the script to include more details or additional content.

Click on Next:

After making any necessary edits to your script, click on the "Next" button to proceed to the next stage of video creation.

Click on Select Size:

Choose the dimensions for your video. You can select from various predefined sizes suitable for different platforms (e.g., Instagram, YouTube) or customize the dimensions according to your needs.

Click on Select AI Speaker:

In this step, you need to select a voice for your video narration. You have two options:

  • Voice Clone: Use a cloned voice that mimics a specific person's voice.

  • AI Speaker: Use a generic AI-generated voice for the narration.

Click on Selected Media:

You can either let the AI automatically select the media (images, clips, etc.) for your video, or you can manually choose the media elements yourself to have more control over the final product.

Click on Generate:

Once you've made all your selections and provided all the necessary inputs, click on the "Generate" button. The AI will now create your video based on the script and settings you've provided.

Edit Transcript:

After the AI generates your video, you have the option to edit the transcript. You can make adjustments such as:

  • Volume: Adjust the audio levels to ensure clarity and balance.

  • Speed: Modify the playback speed of the video.

  • Flip: Flip the video horizontally or vertically.

  • Crop: Trim the edges of the video to focus on specific parts.

  • Rotate: Rotate the video to the desired orientation.

  • Effects: Apply various visual effects to enhance the video.

  • Appearance: Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and other visual parameters.

  • Animation: Add animations to make the video more engaging.

Click on Text to Add Text on Video:

To add text overlays to your video, click on the "Text" option. You can choose from different font styles and customize the text to match your video's theme and message.

Click On Export And Download:

Once your video is ready with all editing, click on export select the export pattern and download your video.

By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly generate high-quality videos tailored to your specific needs. For more resources and tutorials, visit our Simplified Academy or Help Center. Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks on using the Simplified app.

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