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How to reauthorize the connection between Simplified and Instagram or Facebook
How to reauthorize the connection between Simplified and Instagram or Facebook
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If you're having trouble reconnecting your Facebook or Instagram accounts to Simplified, here's a quick guide to help you troubleshoot the reconnection.

Start by checking your admin status

Make sure your personal Facebook profile is an admin on the Facebook Page that you want to connect or refresh or that is linked to the Instagram channel you want to connect or refresh.

Check your Role status by following these steps for Facebook and these steps for Instagram.

If your page role is correct, then continue to the next section to check your permissions.

Check your Facebook connection permissions

Most connection issues and “unknown” errors when sending posts occur because of incomplete permissions. To solve these issues, follow these steps.

1 - Log into the Facebook personal profile that is an admin on the Facebook Page.

2 - Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right of the screen, then click Settings & privacy, then click Settings.

3 - Scroll down and click Business integrations on the left-hand side (or click this link to access your Business Integration settings directly).

  • note: These settings are found on your Facebook profile and not within the Facebook Page settings.

4 - Find Simplified in the list of integrations and click View and edit.

5 - A pop up window will show. Make sure all Facebook Pages are checked in all sections. Expand each section by clicking See all Pages to ensure all Pages are checked. After checking all Pages, click Save.

6 - Go back to your Simplified account and try to connect or refresh your Facebook or Instagram channel again.

  • note: If you don’t see any individual Pages listed in the pop up window (picture above), it means that you’ve already granted Simplified permissions to access all Pages, which is the ideal setup. In this case, you don’t need to check any Pages here, and instead, you’ll need to reestablish the authorization by following the next steps.

Removing Simplified from Business Integrations and reauthorizing

In certain situations, Simplified will need to be removed from Business Integrations in Facebook in order for you to re-establish the authorization between Simplified and Facebook.

  • note: When you remove Simplified, you are revoking the access token for any existing Facebook and Instagram channels you have connected to Simplified and those will need to be refreshed. After you re-establish the connection, your failed posts can be published. Any scheduled or pending posts will not be lost when you revoke and reestablish the connection.

Here are the steps:

1 - Go to your Facebook account, click on the dropdown arrow at the top right of your screen, then click on Settings & privacy, then Settings. Then, click on Business integrations on the left side menu (or click this link).

2 - Find Simplified in the list of integrations, check the checkbox and click Remove.

3 - When a pop-up window appears confirming that you want to remove Simplified, leave all checkboxes unchecked, then click Remove.

4 - Go back to your Simplified account and connect your Facebook account again.

  • note: when connecting or refreshing your Instagram or Facebook account on Simplified, during the authorization process, be sure to accept all permissions and all Pages, even the ones not connected to Simplified. Failing to do so could result in lack of permissions, causing publishing errors.

  • note: do not change any of the permissions under the "Choose what you allow" option. Doing so will result in an impossibility to authenticate with Facebook and it will not be possible to connect your Instagram channel. This option is shown as per Facebook's guidelines, and should not be modified when authenticating.

After troubleshooting, go back to your Simplified account and refresh or connect your accounts.

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